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Welcome internet surfers and prospective employers! You have reached the personal and professional web portal for Gary Rosenthal.

Previously, this website has hosted basic personal information, school schedules, guitar tabs, photo galleries, and more. This new re-vamp of the site brings a more professional feeling with it, with primary focus on the resume/bio.

In the upcoming weeks, this site will once again have some personal aspects to it, integrated in a professional manner.

Personal Bio

Gary has attended multiple universities, including:

  • Naugatuck Valley Community Technical College
  • Central Connecticut State University
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Sacramento State University

In that time, he studied in the fields of Computer Science, and Business Administration. Due to a few set-backs and minor issues, he has not yet completed a full degree program to date. He hopes to finish his degree program in the future.

Gary's career path has primarily stayed in retail, with a couple of experiences in both Banking, and Distribution. While attending college, Gary worked for two major computer manufacturers, Gateway and Dell.

Gary found his true stride with sales, and later on sales management, at Dell, where he ended up as the acting manager at the Roseville Galleria Dell Direct Store Kiosk. Gary started his career at Dell as a temp-to-hire, when the company decided to buy out his remaining contract, and hire him on as a full Dell Badged Representative. Not only did he have a stellar sales record, which won him many awards, but as a Dell Badged Representative, and acting manager, he helped lead his kiosk to one of the top spots in the country for sales and metrics attainment. His leadership ability, training prowess, and go-getter attitude led him to this success.

Over the years, Gary has found many activities and hobbies that interest him, including:

  • Acting (performing in local productions since age 4)
  • Playing/Listening to Music (plays saxophone, guitar, piano)
  • Video Gaming (both console and PC)
  • American Sign Language (4th level proficiency)